Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crown is useful when a tooth is decayed or broken to the extent that fillings are not able to repair the damage. Porcelain crowns or “caps” wrap around the entire portion of a tooth and act as a new outer layer of the tooth in comparison to fillings which just cover a very limited part of the tooth.


The crown acts as a protective shell for the damaged tooth to strengthen it and at the same time improve the longevity of the tooth. With the right colour selection, a crown can not only help restore a damaged tooth back to its original shape but also blend in harmoniously with your natural teeth.

During your first visit, the dentist will reshape the tooth by shaving some of the tooth off to make room for the new “shell”. After that, an impression of the tooth will be taken in order to create the porcelain crown, using a special material. This impression will then be sent to the dental laboratory to create a permanent crown. While waiting for the permanent crown to be sent back to the dentist, the dentist will make a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth as well as to improve the appearance of the tooth before the next visit. The colour of the temporary crown will usually match the original colour of your other teeth.

After the dentist receives the permanent crown from the laboratory, your temporary crown will be replaced with the new permanent one. Before permanently cementing the crown into place, the dentist will make sure that it fits and that the colour matches.

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