Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a professional treatment that can lighten the colour of teeth. This very popular treatment has very few side effects with the vast majority of people happy with the result that they achieve. It is done with custom fitted moulds and professional grade dental whitening agent that is applied to the teeth.

Whitening can remove the stains on teeth that can be caused by smoking, tea and coffee as well as other stains that develop over time. Whilst it is suitable for most patients, whitening is not suitable for everyone and therefore a careful assessment of the individual is required prior to treatment.

Two visits a few days apart are usually required. The first visit is to determine if the whitening will be effective and appropriate as well as to take the moulds of the teeth that will be used to make the whitening trays. The following visit the trays are checked in the mouth to make sure that they fit perfectly and instructions on how to use the trays are given.

The custom trays can last a very long time and once the initial whitening is done patients can keep the trays and whitening agent for a “top-up” in the future.

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