Tooth Replacement

Tooth Replacement

Missing teeth not only affects your appearance but it also affects the health of your mouth.
Missing teeth can result in movement of the remaining teeth into the space. Adjacent teeth can “tip” into the space, and opposing teeth can over erupt into the space. Food traps often occurs if space is left un-restored for too long, which in turn leads to decay.

Imagine your teeth like bricks that form a wall. A missing tooth is like a missing brick. Apart from being unattractive, the structure is not as strong as a complete wall especially during heavy biting or chewing. The remaining teeth take more loading as a result of the missing teeth, causing them to crack and break more easily.

If enough teeth are missing the bite can be changed enough to cause serious problems with the jaw joint. It can also be quite uncomfortable to chew harder foods like nuts and cereals leading people to change their diets which can have a negative impact on their overall health. Replacing missing teeth should be considered when teeth are lost.

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The options for replacement of missing teeth include:

  • 1.Dental Bridge
  • 2.Dental Implant
  • 3.Partial or Complete Denture